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Utility bill support to be given to more energy-intensive businesses

UK businesses that rely on consuming energy in large quantities could soon be given more energy bill support towards rising costs – read what this could mean for you

When the government announced the business energy relief scheme for UK companies, there was little account taken for those that are more reliant on energy consumption. 

Energy-intensive businesses, such as manufacturing plants, offices and those in the transport and travel industries, have been struggling with the cost of powering their premises, leading to great uncertainty surrounding their future prospects. 

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference in Birmingham, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently insisted that government support is to become more targeted at those who need the most help. 

Business Energy
ENERGY RELIEF: Rishi Sunak says that help will be targeted at businesses that need it the most

The Prime Minister addressed the issue, admitting that things have been “horrendously difficult” for energy-demanding businesses. 

He added that details of a support plan would be published “in due course”. 

In addition, the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is working on a more targeted support scheme at present. Hunt, who was appointed after Kwasi Kwarteng’s controversial and short-lived stint in Number 11, has set out an intention to provide help for the 5.5 million small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) that make up more than 99% of UK industry.

Setting up your firm’s business supply for the first time

The additional relief for energy bills could be a lifeline for many assistance-dependent businesses.

This is especially true for businesses that could have potentially been paying more than they should have in the first place if their broker was charging them more than the cost of what they were using.

GOING FOR BROKER: Is the consultant you employed getting the best deal for your business, and doing so with full transparency?

Energy brokers and third-party intermediaries have been found adding hidden costs onto energy bills in the form of hidden commission. For example, if you are using 10p/kWh but are being charged 12p/kWh, your energy supplier is more than likely paying your energy broker 2p/kWh in hidden commission.

Your broker is there to get your SME the best available deal and, while they are expected to be paid for their expertise, not operating with full disclosure means that an unfair relationship exists.

That is a clear instance of mis-selling and you need to take action.

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You can find more information about what governmental relief and other assistance your business could benefit from by visiting the Ofgem website.