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Taking care of your business

We have all been enduring – and we continue to try to get through – a couple of years that will live long in the


Mis-sold pensions: the tell-tale signs

If you have ever moved your retirement provision into a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), doing so on the advice of a financial adviser, there’s a


Tech to transform the legal industry

A concept as old as civilisation itself, the law is a critical aspect of our lives.  Society depends heavily upon it, and has done for


Is your home making you ill?

We take more than 20,000 breaths each day, and it’s believed that around 90% of them are taken indoors.  Because of this, we all need


Why your Housing Disrepair claim is important

As the tenant of a rented home, you have the right to live in a safe, well-maintained property.  It is, after all, your sanctuary and your landlord has a duty of care

Commercial Law

Mis-sold business energy

Let’s be clear about this to start with – no one is suggesting that all energy brokers are bad. Most operate honestly as they look


Payday lenders set for testing time

Payday lenders could be facing further legal action after the High Court delivered a verdict on repeat borrowing.  A test case for regulations covering irresponsible


The end of COVID measures

Law firms are preparing for their staff members coming back to the office this month after the prime minister’s announcement that the end of social

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