PEST analysis for businesses

In these trying times for businesses, managers need to explore every possible avenue in their search for advantages in the marketplace. It’s an ever-changing world and business owners need to be acutely aware of external factors that will impact, positively and negatively, their prospects. Only then will managers be able to react accordingly, aiming to […]

Why businesses and insurers are in a stand-off

More than a year has now elapsed since a landmark test case was heard in the Supreme Court, so what has happened since policyholders were granted clarity on their business interruption insurance? A decision handed down by the highest court in the land should have eliminated all doubt going forward. But disputes between firms and […]

Getting the right tariff for your business energy

A WEALTH of factors contribute to the – often unpredictable and constantly fluctuating – cost of energy. The price of gas and electricity is affected by demand, which rocketed in the wake of the COVID outbreak, and business and domestic users are facing a truly testing time. And prices continue to rise, thanks in no […]

How will the energy crisis affect YOUR business?

The rising costs of powering a business may be forcing many smaller firms to the brink of disaster. Wholesale fuel prices across the globe are on the rise, leading to massive hikes in energy that threaten the future of many fledgling businesses. Small-to-medium-enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of the UK’s workforce, and they are facing […]

Energy bills rising? You need to act now

As a business owner, you have enough concerns to keep you occupied. Small-to-medium enterprises, particularly in their fledgling days, present their owners and managers with a wealth of problems. And one of any firm’s biggest ongoing matters is its overheads. Right now, energy bills – and the rising price of utilities – are a hot […]

Take control of your business energy

Running a business, especially in the start-up days, takes a lot of energy – not just your own blood, sweat and tears, but also the energy powering your new premises. And when your business is just starting out there are a wealth of things to get sorted. The list can seem endless, particularly for a […]

Business Interruption claims: where you stand

Two-thirds of business interruption insurance payouts have now reached policy holders in the UK. The latest figures show that BI payments are now being paid, with 68.4% of test case policyholders now having received at least an interim payment under their insurance. The aggregate value of these payments, where final settlements have been issued, is […]

Taking care of your business

We have all been enduring – and we continue to try to get through – a couple of years that will live long in the memory for so many negative reasons. And the economic impact of the coronavirus meant UK businesses were turning to their insurers for help, lodging claims under their business interruption insurance […]

Business Interruption payouts in UK get close to billion-pound mark

Business Insurance payouts for firms forced to shut their doors during the coronavirus pandemic are set to top the £1bn mark.  And with more settlements for business interruption insurance to come, it looks like the billion-pound threshold is about to be passed, well ahead of the end of the calendar year.  The figures for 2021, up to August 5, reveal a total of £946m […]