Financing your car with PCP – is it right for you?

We’re incredibly fortunate and privileged to be living in an age of sheer convenience. Everything we do, particularly buying just about anything, is easier, more clear-cut and immediate. Take, for example, buying your car insurance. Those of a certain vintage will still remember trawling through the Yellow Pages for numbers of as many insurers as […]

Are budget motorists being forced off the road?

Drivers are facing a battle to stay behind the wheel, and the tighter the motorist’s budget, the more hazards exist for them in the road ahead. Motorists, most notably those from lower-income households, face being forced off the road, thanks to rising running costs and huge hikes in the price of second-hand cars. Petrol companies […]

2030 car ban effect on PCP

The expected price hike of electric cars could mean the end of the road for vehicle ownership, with a drastic effect on auto financing.  The ban on selling new diesel and petrol cars is to come into force in 2030 and, with no more internal combustion engine vehicles – whether petrol or diesel, or even short-range hybrids – being produced, new car sales are tipped to plummet.  It’s expected that the […]

Have you bought a faulty car on finance?

So, you have taken delivery of your new vehicle, bought using a personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement or similar finance arrangement. Ideally you will have years of trouble-free motoring. But what happens if a fault develops with your new pride and joy? Are you covered by the terms of your deal? Can you claim a […]

New rules to save UK car buyers millions

After decades of widespread use, the car finance industry’s ‘discretionary commission’ finance model is no more. New legislation introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned the controversial practice, which saw car buyers pay more than £300 million in excess charges each year. Dealers have previously been allowed to impose their own rates of interest and earn […]

PCP – Personal Contract Purchase Explained

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of PCP packages in recent years. And it is easy to see why. They are flexible, quick and easy to arrange and can be a relatively cheap way to buy a car. Entering into a PCP arrangement means you are virtually guaranteed as good deal, as […]