Living in Social Housing: 10 disturbing facts

Living in social housing can be a struggle. It is far from easy to obtain a council home due to the current UK housing crisis, with not enough affordable homes for everyone that needs them.   There aren’t currently the required number of new homes being built, so the spotlight shines on the condition of existing properties under council or housing association control.  It […]

Is your home making you ill?

We take more than 20,000 breaths each day, and it’s believed that around 90% of them are taken indoors.  Because of this, we all need our inside spaces to be conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  We have to have familiar and comfortable environments to live, to relax and re-energise after our working day is done. And to achieve that […]

Why your Housing Disrepair claim is important

As the tenant of a rented home, you have the right to live in a safe, well-maintained property.  It is, after all, your sanctuary and your landlord has a duty of care to ensure that your health is not affected by negligence in their property’s upkeep.  Your landlords – often the local council or housing association – are responsible for keeping your home up to scratch, ensuring it is safe […]