Re: Carphone Warehouse Data Breach 2015 - Important Claim Update

Your Reference Number:

Dear <client name>,

We write further to the above matter.

We will be issuing proceedings in the High Court next month (July) against the Carphone Warehouse for the 2015 Data Breach Incident.

We have selected 10 x Sample Claimants who will run their cases through to trial if required whilst the remainder of our clients will have their actions stayed pending the outcome of the trial and settlement thereafter.

We invite re-affirmation of your instructions to issue proceedings and join the multi-claimant action against the Carphone Warehouse before it is too late.

Your claim will be statute-barred on 04th August 2021 so there is no time to lose!

If you do have any further evidence that supports your data breach claim against Carphone Warehouse please send this to us via our email

All we need to do now is confirm your address.