Tech to transform the legal industry

A concept as old as civilisation itself, the law is a critical aspect of our lives.  Society depends heavily upon it, and has done for century after century.  But could administering the law be significantly advanced, for the benefit of those it’s designed to protect?  More than virtually any other sector, the legal industry has […]

Business Interruption payouts in UK get close to billion-pound mark

Business Insurance payouts for firms forced to shut their doors during the coronavirus pandemic are set to top the £1bn mark.  And with more settlements for business interruption insurance to come, it looks like the billion-pound threshold is about to be passed, well ahead of the end of the calendar year.  The figures for 2021, up to August 5, reveal a total of £946m […]

2030 car ban effect on PCP

The expected price hike of electric cars could mean the end of the road for vehicle ownership, with a drastic effect on auto financing.  The ban on selling new diesel and petrol cars is to come into force in 2030 and, with no more internal combustion engine vehicles – whether petrol or diesel, or even short-range hybrids – being produced, new car sales are tipped to plummet.  It’s expected that the […]

Law Firm Modernisation

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on businesses across the planet. The much-vaunted ‘new normal’ has seen workplaces react, adapt and adopt new ways of conducting their business, be that via home working, cloud storage or utilising the many bespoke software systems on the market. And a perception still exists […]