Mis-Sold Motor Vehicle Finance Claims

You Could Claim Compensation for Mis-Sold Vehicle Finance.

Barings Law offers dedicated legal support for mis-sold motor vehicle finance claims, helping clients seek justice and compensation.
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In January 2024, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed significant evidence of mis-selling in UK car finance agreements, leading to overcharging of motor finance customers. Brokers and car dealers were apparently driven to raise interest rates for higher commissions.
Potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of drivers nationwide, this mis-selling has resulted in substantial overcharges, reaching thousands of pounds. Barings Law, a leading UK law firm representing thousands of clients in mis-sold finance cases, is ready to help if you suspect being a victim of overcharging in your finance agreement. 

Barings Law is currently representing thousands of clients in mis-sold motor finance cases.

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Discover if you've been misled in your vehicle finance agreement.

You deserve transparency and fairness, and if your experience lacked these essentials, we’re here to help. You might have been affected if:

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve answered some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below, but if you have a question that we have not answered, please feel free to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts, give us a call on 0161 200 9960, or click on the webchat icon at the bottom right hand side of this page.

Which brokers and dealerships can I claim against?

Any broker, dealer or car finance provider that sold you a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or HP (Hire Purchase) agreement is covered.

In light of the FCA investigation, we have also opened up the criteria for motor finance compensation claims. If you had a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or HP (Hire Purchase) agreement between April 2007 – January 2021*, you are now eligible to submit a claim with Barings Law. 

*If your lender is Moneybarn, Oodle, or Advantage, you are not eligible to make a complaint about discretionary commission arrangements. Instead, you may be eligible to make a complaint about the affordability of your finance agreement. To be eligible for this type of complaint your finance agreement must have been entered into between February 2018–2024. 

My agreement has finished – can I still claim?

You can still claim, even if your agreement has ended.

My agreement is still ongoing – can I still claim?

If you took out an agreement before the ban of discretionary agreements in 2021 but it is still ongoing, you are eligible to claim.

Can I claim for more than one PCP/HP contract? 

Yes, you can claim for any PCP or HP agreements you have had between April 2007 – January 2021.

How much compensation will I receive?

The compensation amount will vary on a case-by-case basis.

The amount customers have been overcharged will fluctuate, with the total depending on the cost of the vehicle, the interest rate applied, and the duration of the contract.

How much will it cost?

We are proud to offer a no-win no-fee service. We ask for nothing upfront and in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny.

How is compensation awarded?

There are various ways that compensation can be awarded. These include:

    • Cash compensation payments made directly to Barings
    • Balance write-offs of the amount, or part of the amount, you owe to the defendant

If the defendant pays a lump sum directly to Barings, we will deduct our success fees and transfer you the remaining balance.

If the defendant offers you a balance write-off, and you don’t receive the damages directly, we will seek payment of our success fee directly from you. This will equal our success fee percentage of the amount which the defendant has agreed to write-off.

We appreciate that clients may not be able to pay all of our fees in one go. Therefore, we encourage our clients to contact us to discuss how they will pay our fees on a payment plan.

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Discover if you've been misled in your vehicle finance agreement.

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